And The Art Journey Begins.... again

So we have just had the Full Moon in Aries and what better time to start a brand new journey!!!

After closing down my art studio at the end of 2019 (run with my incredibly talented artist sister Sharen-Lee McLachlan), I had been feeling quite lost and blocked on the creative side. It was difficult for me to not feel like a total failure even though we had given it our all.

So then after a wonderful trip to Bali to care for my soul with my beautiful daughter and friends, the world changed forever. I was suddenly unemployed in a really large ocean of unemployed people and so my art went on hold as I tried to find a way to support my family until the world worked out how it was going to turn. It was not only difficult to navigate my own life, it was difficult for everyone and finding that work/life/fun balance was a challenge.

I knew that I had to do something... and quick!!! So I did what any normal sane person would do... I found a yoga studio and I love it so much I have been lovingly called "The Pretzel" by those amazed by my flexibility at the age of 56!!!

But yoga has helped my mind, and the breathing and meditation that goes hand in hand with my practice is changing me in ways that are wonderful and exciting, not to mention a community of like minded souls that look for the positive and beauty in life.

So apart from working on the gorgeous Woofy who started as a cute puppy drawing in 2020 and has now blossomed into a complete and funny character who has his own merchandise, website, etsy and patreon pages (check under woofypuzzleart and with my amazing friend Louise,

I have decided to start some new projects and reignite my old passions.

I am exploring the art of ink drawing, watercolour and children's book illustrations and cannot wait to share the wonderful journey with you.

I would love for you to share with me any new journeys or adventures you have recently started too.

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